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Thu, Jun 21, 2018 | Last Updated 3:23 pm IST

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60 million year Dinosaur fossil found

60 million year Dinosaur fossil found
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 The word Dinosaur is enough to keep kids excited and even it gives a chill to adults. Now a rare dinosaur fossil that is around 60 million year old  was unearthed at a construction site unexpectedly.

60 million year Dinosaur fossil found

General Manager Daniel Perez, 24, who's lived in the Denver suburbs for a very long , is so excited about the discovery and calls  "one of the biggest, most exciting things" he's ever experienced. So exciting, in fact, he is has a n idea of donating some pies to the  researchers who are involved to discover some more about it.Paleontologists say is a 66-million-year-old adult triceratops.

60 million year Dinosaur fossil found

Researchers  hope most if not all of the complete dinosaur's full skeleton will be recovered.Already, the dinosaur's horns and its shoulder bones have been located.

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