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Tue, Dec 12, 2017 | Last Updated 3:32 pm IST

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Diets that will help women to gain energy during periods

Diets that will help women to gain energy during periods
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Include complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your menstruation diet. You can also include carrots, apricots, oranges, plums etc. This will alleviate your craving for sugar, which is high during this time.

Diets that will help women to gain energy during periods

It is very important to get your regular dose of vitamins when you are on your periods. Vitamin E is believed to give you relief from your PMS syndrome. Consume egg yolks and avocado to get Vitamin E. Vitamin B6 helps reduce the bloating. Vitamin C is essential to improve the health of your reproductive system. For Vitamin C include grapes and lemons in your diet. For Vitamin B6, you can include potatoes in your diet.

You are losing blood during your menstruation cycle. You need to replenish it in your system. A menstruation diet rich in iron helps you do so. In fact, with an iron-rich diet you can fight symptoms of anemia and also make up for the lost hemoglobin. It will also help you from becoming weak and is also a good anti-depressant. You should consider including red meat, poultry, dried beans, molasses and green leafy vegetables in your diet to get sufficient iron.

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