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3 Places to visit in Mandya

3 Places to visit in Mandya
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Mandya district gets its name from the city of Mandya which is also the headquarters of the district. Although the widely purported mythical story about the name is that the region is named after a sage called Maandavya, but scholars and academicians have stated based on ancient inscription that this region was referred as 'Man-ta-ya'.

3 Places to visit in Mandya

1.      Alpine winery - Mandya

3 Places to visit in Mandya

This is one of the best wineries of the country which was started by Raghavendra Gowda in 2007. They serve the best wines to the wine lovers. Mr. Gowda is said to be one of the firsts to have planted grave trees in the Mysore- Mandya region.

3 Places to visit in Mandya

The grapes are planted here very closely to maximize the taste. They also have a guest house for you when you feel a single tour is just not enough to know it all about the wines and wine making processes.

2.      Brindavan Gardens

3 Places to visit in Mandya

The Brindavan Gardens is a just a level below the dam and is often considered as the one of the most popular terrace gardens of India. The idea of this lovely place was the brainchild of Sir M. Vishveshwaraiah and Sir Mirza M. Ismail. They were both former dewans of Mysore.

3 Places to visit in Mandya

The design of the garden features Mughal style parks and garden structures and beautiful fountains line on both sides of the pathway. The Children's Park, Fisheries station and Hydraulic Research Station are some other attractions here. The statue of Goddess Cauvery is considered holy for the city and is also unique one.

3.      Malavalli Lake
3 Places to visit in Mandya

It is located in the Mandya district and is about 109 kms from Bangalore.

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