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Sun, Jan 21, 2018 | Last Updated 12:22 am IST

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Ex-Girl friend lashes out the actor for writing biopic on how he had sex with them and so on...

Ex-Girl friend lashes out the actor for writing biopic on how he had sex with them and so on...
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As Ex-Girl Friends of the actor started to lash out the actor, the actor who wrote his biopic has withdrawn his book. Famous actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has written a biopic of himself and he named it as 'Ordinary Life'.

In the book, he mostly wrote about his ex-girlfriends Niharika Singh, Sunitha and how he had a relationship with them. However, this irked his ex-girlfriends. They started to lash out at him. His ex-girlfriend Niharika said that Nawaz had relation with her by hiding the fact that he was married already.

Ex-Girl friend lashes out the actor for writing biopic on how he had sex with them and so on...

She also added that he wrote some cooked up stories to sell his books. In his book, he wrote he went to Niharika house during the shooting of 'Miss Lovely' and she decorated the house with candles and they had sex immediately. He also mentioned that his first girlfriend Sunitha broke up as he was a poor guy that time.

Ex-Girl friend lashes out the actor for writing biopic on how he had sex with them and so on...

But she also said, I broke up as he had a crooked mind. A Delhi-based Lawyer also has sued Nawaz for tarnishing the reputation of women by making false accusations on them on a book. As he was pressurized, he withdrew the book he wrote!

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