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Thu, Jun 21, 2018 | Last Updated 3:17 pm IST

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Can this iPhone based Ultrasound Machine detect Cancer??

Can this iPhone based Ultrasound Machine detect Cancer??
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New York sources have stated that a novel iPhone-based portable ultrasound machine that can help detect cancer easily at home has been developed by US researchers. Meanwhile the device called Butterfly IQ is a scanner of the size of an electric razor that can display black-and-white imagery of the body, when paired with an iPhone.

It is developed by Connecticut-based start-up Butterfly Network, the pocket sized device works by shooting sound into the body and capturing the echoes. Usually, the sound waves are generated by a vibrating crystal. But Butterfly’s machine instead uses 9,000 tiny drums etched onto a semiconductor chip, reported the MIT Technology Review on Friday.

Can this iPhone based Ultrasound Machine detect Cancer??

Earlier this year, John Martin, a US-based vascular surgeon and chief medical officer at Butterfly Network, discovered a cancerous mass in his own throat while testing the device. Moreover on his smartphone, to which the device is connected, black-and gray images quickly appeared. Martin said “The device gives you the ability to do everything at the bedside: you can pull it out of your pocket and scan the whole body".

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