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Sat, Aug 18, 2018 | Last Updated 6:08 am IST

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BBMP yet to initiate survey of illegal tankers and bore wells

BBMP yet to initiate survey of illegal tankers and bore wells
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Bengaluru sources have stated that despite the BBMP Commissioner’s recent warning that the civic body will initiate action against illegal digging of bore wells for commercial purposes, the practice continues unabated. There are several instances of residents complaining about bore wells cropping up in their neighborhoods.

It was stated that in Begur ward, for instance, an unused plot was cleared of vegetation and a bore well was dug, said a resident. “A huge piece of land behind our apartment was constantly lit on fire and the vegetation there cleared out a couple of months ago,” said Manyu Angarish, a resident. “Soon after, a pump was set up in the middle of the field. For the past two months, water tankers come and fill water from there non-stop. There are tankers filling up water even at night.”

BBMP yet to initiate survey of illegal tankers and bore wells

However, a survey of the number of illegal tankers and bore wells has not been initiated by the BBMP. Engineers from two wards said that they had not started the survey as there had been no order issued. Meanwhile Chief Engineer of west zone Govindraj said that an order has not been issued to conduct a survey to identify the number of tankers being run illegally.

Chief Engineer of East zone B.S. Prasad said “We are collecting information and then will implement the order". BBMP Commissioner Manjunath N. Prasad, however, said that officials need not conduct a survey to take action against complaints. “If they receive complaints, they can act upon it and fine the responsible party immediately". A notice issued by the Commissioner on April 18 to all zonal engineers said that the number of tankers extracting water from public bore wells should be reported.

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