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Mon, Jun 18, 2018 | Last Updated 4:57 pm IST

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Will Dengue be eradicated from Tamilnadu??

Will Dengue be eradicated from Tamilnadu??
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Sources have reported that Health Secretary Radhakrishnan stated that "The dengue mosquito only requires 2mm depth of water to breed. In our state, the main cause for the spread (of the disease) is the availability of open water sources. In small houses, it's the blue drums, and in apartments, it would be the Syntex tanks which are left half open".

Meanwhile Tamilnadu's Health Department says that with 1 lakh doctors - including 20,000 employed by the government - the state is well-equipped to handle the spread of dengue. 125 ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test centres are working around the clock. Further almost all the ministers in the Tamilnadu cabinet have recommended the use of 'nilavembu kashayam' (a soup made of papaya leaves), a drink which is said to boost immunity, but whose efficacy has not been established by research. But test results in the lab have apparently been good.

Will Dengue be eradicated from Tamilnadu??

Moreover the Health Department has asked people to participate in a source eradication program, and keep their surroundings clean. However, the state's Health department has once again asked the people to avoid over the counter medicines and visit, preferably a government hospital if any fever persists for more than 4 days.

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