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Sun, May 27, 2018 | Last Updated 8:01 pm IST

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Should we be Spiritual in these days?

Should we be Spiritual in these days?
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In this world of numerous expressions, it is not easy to feel spiritual. We see the world through our own eyes and sometimes we get influenced by other people’s eyes and opinions. Have you ever thought why we talk about spirituality? As we have various discussions in the world, numerous masters, numerous ideas, opinions, religions, why do we discuss about spirituality so much? Because ever since man has thought about who he is, “Who am I? “a big question. Second question, “Why am I? What am I doing here? “These are burning questions and they took people to various paths to discover who they are.

Can we ever say that some path is good and some path is bad? Every path is valuable. Everything is valuable. It is important because you can only wear a shirt that suits you. We cannot wear a shirt which is double the size which we normally wear.

Should we be Spiritual in these days?

So we have all chosen something which suits us and only this way we can attain the highest evolution. All the people in the world have one aim happiness. We are all looking for happiness. Do we find it? Most of us say I have found happiness, but it is temporary.

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